Music has always been influential in my life. When I remember my childhood or those special moments that define who I am they are always intertwined with a song.

Growing up my family seemed to communicate through music weather it was celebrating a stepping stone or mourning a loss, music was always there.

As I faced life as an adult music became my bridge to connect with people. No matter where I was or who I was with, I found that this commonality among people opened doors and facilitated communication.

Today I've become known as "The Singing Dentist" because I am always singing around the office and I even sing to my patients.  I also have music playing at all times. It makes for a relaxing environment and knowing that my patients will associate their experience with the songs they are listening to, I pride myself on giving them the best possible experience.

Hence, why my mission to fight pollution and biosludge has blossomed through song. I know I can connect with everyone by letting my voice sing to their hearts.